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Opinions and Disagreements

Do you ever wish you could see eye to eye with people? I wish this all the time. Not just in my professional life but in my personal life too. I want to know why I think so differently or why for some reason I am always the odd opinion out. I am starting to feel like no one takes my opinion seriously. I guess I was born to think differently but when did that start feeling like a bad thing? I used to like having a different opinion than other people...being the black sheep so to speak. Lately it feels like it is making my life hell.

When you have a disagreement with someone, each side wants to know that they are right and in some cases no one is right. In some cases everyone is right. All I really want out of discussions is for everyone to see each person's side. I think it is important to try to understand where others are coming from rather than just shooting someone down.

I understand that every person thinks different and that every person make look at things differently, but I think it is important to at least listen and try to understand. One may not get what another is telling them but it is taking that time to at least try which is what counts in the long run. I feel as if people could accomplish so much if we would just take the time to understand and to listen.

Right now I am faced with many decisions in my life. Whether it is professionally related or personally related. Sometimes I make decisions because of my experiences and sometimes I make them based off of discussions that I have had. Really I should think more about the decisions I make because I want to try to be more factual on my decision-making rather than opinions or feelings. Opinions and feelings can cloud your judgement. I know that sometimes you should consider or opinions and feelings and in those cases I will but I want to try to improve my life and I feel like in some ways that means I need to be less emotional in my thought process.

I can't let my feelings and opinions  rule my world. Yes, my feelings and opinions are important but at the same time, they should be controlling everything I do. I am a pretty logical person, so letting my emotions rules is going against being logical. My question is though, how do your reign your emotions in? How do I just trust without being emotional about it? How can I make a good decision?

I feel like no one really cares about my feelings or how I look at the situation. Either I am too naive or I just don't know what I am talking about are the usual responses. Has anyone ever considered taking a step back and just think about what I am truly saying?


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