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Release Day Launch: Pretty Smart Girls - Lace Up by Shae Ross


Light spills down his lower half, illuminating the inverted V of his legs, planted in the middle of the

passage as solid as Roman columns. My stomach twists. His shoulders and face remain in the shadows,

but I’ve seen enough to know. It’s Jett. I could tell by the challenging look on his face earlier, he’s ready

for round two—like a boxer bouncing up and down in the corner of the ring. I brush off my hands and

start walking toward the cross-armed brick wall. A smile curls into the corners of my mouth. All right,

frat boy. Bring it on.

As I draw closer, I see light cutting against the hollowed slope of his cheek. His lips are seamed into a

tight line, and his eyes are a kaleidoscope of deep blues. Clearly I’ve struck a nerve with Mr. Perfect. I

suppose he’s not used to a woman dealing him into the game and then trouncing him. My feet plant in

front of him. I raise my chin and attempt to exude a calm confidence I do not feel.



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