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Book Review: The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger

Sophie Diehl is a young criminal defense lawyer and is volunteered by a managing partner to be the lawyer for a divorcing couple. Sophie has never tried civil litigation. She has her doubts because civil law is completely different that criminal law. Now Sophie is given the task to become a successful divorce lawyer. Now Sophie is a child who had to deal with the divorce of her parents which is why she did not want to go into family and civil law.

Mia Meiklejohn is a very privileged future divorcee woman and she is humiliated when news spreads that her husband wants a divorce. So Mia hires Sophie to represent her in this divorce case mainly because she likes Sophie’s attitude. Mia’s husband Daniel Dukheim has decided to hire a lawyer that has a thuggish personality which makes the whole process take a whole lot longer.

Mia is the character that is easier to get attached too because as a reader I wanted to know if she would come out of her divorce okay. I was worried for her. Even though she is a privileged person, I don’t think anyone should have to deal with a divorce especially one that comes as a surprise. I was really routing that she would make it through okay.

If you are looking for a cute chic lit story that has some romance in it, I don’t feel like this is the right story for you. I thought this was going to be a fun story about love and romance and yes obviously a divorce would be involved but I thought maybe there would be more to the story. I felt a little bored and unentertained with the story. I have to say what I liked the most was that the characters did grow a lot in this story. I feel like both Mia and Sophie learned a lot by the end of the story.

One of the hardest things with this story is the fact that it didn’t have a whole lot of a plot. There was a lot of negotiating with the lawyers but outside of that there doesn’t seem to be a plot, so I was a little disappointed with how this story went. The story is told through court documents, emails, and memeos. There isn’t any dialogue, so it makes the whole thing a little weird. I was disappointed with the story but I do love the fact that the characters grew a little by the end.

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