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Book Review: Get Well Soon by Julie Halpern

"Get Well Soon" by Julie Halpern was a little bit of an eye opener novel for me. Anna is very depressed and fat by her standards. She suffers from a lot of panic attacks, so she has decided that she no longer wants to go to school. Since she was continuing to miss school, Anna's parents decided to check her into a mental hospital to try to fix whatever is wrong with her. Anna doesn't think this is going to help anything and honestly that fact that her parents dropped her off at a mental hospital she feels like her parents don't love her at all.

The mental hospital has plenty of weird rules an das days go on at the hospital, Anna begins to feel comfortable and think that it may not be so bad here. Anna starts making friends and getting involved in the other patients lives too. Of course it helps that there is a really cute guy checked in to the hospital too.

I really liked how "Get Well Soon" was written. This story is told by Anna's point of view in letters. She is writing letters to her best friend Tracy and explaining everything that goes on in her life at the hospital. I really liked the writing style because I feel like it gives a more intimate look into he story. I hope Halpern continues with interesting stories like this one because it was very enjoyable.

I state this story is an eye opener because I've never thought what it would be like to have people think that you are crazy or going to harm yourself. In this story you are able to see not only Anna's point of view but she includes the stories of the other patients and how they ended up in the hospital. I really liked begin able to read about all of that. I am totally ready to find out what happens next to Anna in "Have a Nice Day."

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