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Book Review: Greta and the Glass Kingdom by Chloe Jacobs

"Greta and the Glass Kingdom" by Chloe Jacobs is a very fun sequel. The reader is taken back to Mylena and we find that Greta has survived her battle with Agramon. In winning this battle his dark magic has attached to Greta, so any time she is feels stressed or threatened then she has this new dark magic that flairs up.

Now that Greta is with Isaac the Goblin king, she is not allowed to hunt anymore. The people truly hate Great and they believe that she has bewitched their King. Isaac wants Greta to become his queen. Greta has to battle Agramon when he returns with a vengeance.

The characters are great in "Greta and the Glass Kingdom." Jacobs' brings her wonderful characters back to her readers. The characters are really what made this story because the characters are interesting. Greta is brave and loveable. She puts her life on the line for others because she cares more about others than herself and this proves to be true again in this story.

The down fall of this book is the fact that the plot wasn't very good. I had a hard time getting into the plot because it had so many twists. I was glad that I kept reading because the ending was fantastic. I thought the story ended really well and I can't wait until book three.



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