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Book Review: How (Not) to Fall in Love by Lisa Brown Roberts

"How (Not) to Fall in Love" by Lisa Brown Roberts was a very sweet read that was fast and easy to read. I found myself to be addicted with this story. Darcy Covington's dad disappears and causes Darcy's world to go into chaos. Darcy seems to have a level head on her shoulders because she deals with everything going on in her life so well. I really wish I personally could handle things as well as Darcy.

I think this story was written really well. It was creative and fun. I loved the characters. I thought they were great. I felt like this was more of a coming of age story than anything. Each character has to go through something and has to conquer whatever is going on in their lives. I loved being able to watch the characters grow and become more mature versions of themselves.

It was very lovely to read a story that is pretty realistic. This story is so sweet. I just loved it. Getting to know each character was great. They were so much fun. Roberts is great at writing characters. I think the characters really made this book so I hope Roberts continues focusing on having fantastic characters.

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