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Book Review: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah is a fantastic writer. She has a way with word imagery. Hannah draws her readers in and gets them addicted to the story right away which is a great quality to have. "The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah is an exceptional story going back to World War II. I love how Hannah bases her story on real events.

"The Nightingale" is about two sisters in France and their story on how they survived the terrible war. Isabelle and Viann are two very different people. Viann always follows the rules and Isabelle is very much a rebel. After their mother dies, their father is unable to take care of them. Since their father is unable to care for them, he kicks Viann about of the house when she becomes pregnant and marries the man she has fallen in love with. Isabelle is sent off to boarding school because of her rebellion.

During the war Viann's best friend, who is a Jew, is captured and it breaks Viann's heart. Isabelle is known as 'The Nightingale,' a rebel who is involved with the underground and aids allied fliers. The Nazis will do anything to have 'The Nightingale' captured. Throughout the story both characters grow a lot. Viann becomes more bolder and brave where Isabelle becomes more thoughtful and caring. I think this story has a very emotional impact on its readers. There are so many hardships that are faced and cause the characters to reach inside for their inner courage.

Hannah has done a fantastic job with this historical novel. I think that this surpasses many of her romance novels. The writing and imagery are done so well in this book. I was able to picture everything perfectly as it was happening. Hannah is a very talented writer so I look forward to what she comes up with next. With writing done so well the reader has a hard time putting the story down because you can feel like you are part of the action right there.

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