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Book Review: One Real Man by Coleen Kwan

"One Real Man" by Coleen Kwan was a sweet bliss novel. Paige Kerrigan grew up as a rich spoiled teenage girl who lived in a mansion of a house. Owen Bellamy was the caretaker's son and helped take care of the pool at the Kerrigan household. Owen had the biggest crush on Paige. Now that they are all grown up Owen is renting out the Kerrigan house and Paige ends up coming back home to find that Owen is living in her parents house.

Owen has offered Paige a job as his housekeeper to one try to get some revenge on Paige and two help her out since she is homeless and jobless at the moment. The situation causes to stir up old feelings between the two of them. Owen isn't over the way that he felt about Paige or the way that she treated him. As the two get to know each other again, things may end up differently.

"One Real Man" was a cute bliss novel but not a favorite of mine. I found myself becoming bored with story half way through the book. I think the story could have been a little more entertaining but I think it was sweet all the same. Kwan is a great writer, so I am not totally sure why the story was slower this time around. I still like reading Kwan's books. The romance is still sweet and I think Owen and Paige make very interesting characters. Owen and Paige are both very stubborn characters, so I have to say that they were the ones that saved the story for me.

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