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Book Review: Ourselves by S. G. Redling

"Ourselves" by S.G. Redling is about an ancient race called the Nahan. The Nahan has protected their secret by making themselves legends. They walk through the world as normal people hiding in plain in sight. This ancient race has survived and they have prospered in our world. Tomas has decided that his future with the elite class, the storytellers. His family doesn't agree with his new choice. His girlfriend Stell is becoming an exceptional assassin. When a conspiracy arises the two unite against the most sinister and the strongest of the Nathan.

This story explains the myths behind vampires. How the eat and get their energy. Redling puts a different twist on the vampire myths. I tried to give this story a try. I don't normally read vampire novels but this one was sent to me and it sounded interesting. I found that I just could not finish the book. The seductions and murders of the people by the Nahan was just too much to deal with. I can handle violence just fine and I can handle assassins fine too. This book is just way too much. I had to stop reading it.

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