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Book Review: Paper or Plastic by Vivi Barnes

"Paper or Plastic" by Vivi Barnes is a cute story. Alexis or Lex is tired of being the odd one out. Lex feels like her mother spends more time with her sister than with her. Lex just can't seem to find anywhere to fit in.

When Lex decides to shoplift a tube of lipstick, she ends up getting caught. Her parents are called, the store owner gives them two options. Lex can work at the store for the summer or she can be charged with stealing. Alexis thinks this will be the best summer of her life once she spots the cute assistant store manager. Lex is definitely in for a surprise.

"Paper or Plastic" is definitely an enjoyable read but I think it could have been better. The hardest part of this story was that the writing wasn't very good. The storyline was cute but I don't think it was very well executed. I have to say that the plot is what really makes the story. Lex has to work in the store as punishment so she doesn't end up getting a shop lifting charge.

The characters in this story weren't written very well. The were hard to connect to and they weren't very fleshed out. Alexis is a very judgmental character and so I had a hard time not trying to judge her but of course I couldn't seem to relate to her at all. This story may have been cute but it definitely wasn't a favorite.

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