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Book Review: The Promise by Beth Wiseman

Beth Wiseman has a way about telling stories. She is fantastic with drawing the reader in and keeping them hooked. "The Promise" by Beth Wiseman was a wonderful novel that spoke about God's love. This story explains how people are never too far from God. He is always there to love and project them.

"The Promise" focuses on Mallory. She is on a mission in her life. Mallory was such a great character and she was so easy to fall in love with. As the reader watching Mallory discover the world was a great experience.  This story has a way of really showing you how life is or how it could be. Such an amazing story. Things in life happen and people have regrets and I think this story shows all of that.

I think this story has a little bit of romance between Mallory and Tate. Tate has loved Mallory for years and he may finally get the chance for her to love him back. I think the plot was great and I already mentioned how I loved the characters. This story is truly inspiring. I loved how Mallory was able to fulfill her promise. I definitely think this is a great novel that many people should read.


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