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Book Review: Rebellion by Stephanie Diaz

"Rebellion" by Stephanie Diaz was way better than the first book "Extraction." Diaz may have won me over with this one. An uprising has started and Clementine and her boyfriend Logan have escaped to the rebel's base. Right now they are living in hiding to not get caught while they plan their next strike.

Clementine is struggling with guilt for leaving and also problems with post traumatic stress. Clementine's anxiety causes her to second guess her decisions as she is trying to help end this war. She has definitely grown up since the first book. I feel like Clementine's character is the only one that has grown at all.

"Rebellion" is a great sequel to "Extraction" because it is able to stand out on its own. It was nice reading the story and not feeling like it was a combination of a bunch of other YA novels. I think "Rebellion" definitely has its own voice. The plot definitely got better with "Rebellion" and has the reader turning each page being glued to the story.

Diaz definitely did a better job with this book. I think her writing has grown a lot since the first book too. I would love to see her develop her characters more since Clementine seems to be the only that has grown at all. I would like to see the other characters grow and have more depth to them.

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