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Book Review: The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell by William Klaber

William Klaber ended up with Lucy Ann Lobdell's story in a very odd way. A researcher named Jack Niflot was researching about Lucy because he was planning on writing a book about her. Well Niflot called Klaber asking to meet him for lunch and starting there Niflot decided to present him with all his research. Niflot also proceeded to tell Klaber the tell of how people believe that the house Klaber bought was haunted by the ghost of Lucy Ann Lobdell. Niflot told Klaber that he was planning on writing a book about Lucy Ann Lobdell but he was no longer up to writing that book, so he decided that Klaber may be a good option to write the story. From there this book was born.

"The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell" by William Klaber is about a women that makes her way through life as a man. Lucy Ann was left by her husband when she was pregnant leaving her penniless. When Lucy Ann moved back in with her parents, she decided that she was going to try to discover mens work for herself. Lucy began to like living as a man. She realized that she had a whole lot more freedom. Even when Lucy eventually was found out that she was a woman, she refused to act like a woman again. She would only dress in mens clothes and she did not want to do woman's work.

The hard thing with this story was that it was written in first person. I think that this hindered a lot that could have been better. There were a lot of descriptions that were a little odd because it was being told in first person. The story was very slow. I had a hard time trying to really get into it. I found myself becoming bored. I feel like this book majorly focused on a love that I didn't want to read about. This became another book in my did not finish pile.

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