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Book Review: Search for the Shadow Key by Wayne Thomas Batson

"Search for the Shadow Key" by Wayne Thomas Batson is a fantastic novel. Arch Keaton is the only surviving Dreamtreader. Keaton is losing the nightly battle as there continues to be tears in the dream fabric. If these tears in the dream fabric can't be stopped then everything will merge together with the world that is awake. It is hard to find other Dreamtreaders right now and Master Gabriel has promised that their is help coming. Can Archer and the Dreamtreaders prevent a new Nightmare Lord from taking over?

Batson does not disappoint with this new story. This story is definitely one that should satisfy fantasy fans. Without the first book, I wasn't totally caught up to speed, so I had to play catch up in a way. I recommend that if you are going to read this book that you read the first one because it does pick up right in the middle of the series.

"Search for the Shadow Key" hooks the reader right away. It is so easy to get sucked into this story. Batson knows how to get a reader addicted. I love how Batson grows his characters. Archer becomes a stronger person throughout the story. These characters are so strong and dynamic. The characters make great role models. I love how this is a great fantasy story for young adults. It has great morals and is a lot of fun to read. I was very impressed.

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