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Book Review: This Strange and Familiar Place by Rachel Carter

Oh my goodness gracious. I am not totally sure what to say. "This Strange and Familiar Place" by Rachel Carter is a fantastic sequel. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. This series is so great. Carter's second installment in the "So Close to You" trilogy is way more gripping then the first novel. I had the hardest time trying to put the story down.

Lydia is not in an altered timeline of 2012. Lydia has to try to live in a life that she does not know since the life she does know is now gone. Her parents barely speak and she seems to find that she is a very sullen teenager in this world. Then on top of all that she finds out that she has a boyfriend that she would have never been with if she was back in her old life.

Wes finds Lydia in her new life and then they go to the 1980s to try to pinpoint a change in and election. Then Lydia finds her family in this timeline too and Wes finds some kids he used to know. Now these two have to battle to try to find out how to fix their world back in 2012 and how to take the project down. When Lydia and Wes discover new information regarding the Montauk Project. Lydia is trying to figure out how to get Wes out of the Montauk Project so they can finally be together when she finds out that she may not have enough time to save him.

Lydia is such a great female character. I just adore her. She makes a very strong leader. Lydia fights for what she wants and she definitely fights for her family. I love that Carter brings her readers such a fierce and strong heroine. When you care more about the people you love than yourself then that makes you a great person and one that should be loved.

Wes definitely still remains a mystery. I feel like I get to know him and then it turns out that I don't know him at all. I want him to be the great guy that Lydia deserves but I am not totally sure what I think about Wes at the moment. I will have to let you know after I read book three.

The Montauk Project keeps pulling me in. This plot couldn't be any better. I am so addicted to this series. All I want to do is know what happens next. This is still to this day one of the best book series that I have ever read. There is suspense, love, friends, family, mystery, drama, it has everything you need for a fantastic book series. Carter is definitely an author that needs to be watched because she is going to come out with some great novels.

This series definitely gets any reader hooked. Once you read that ending oh my goodness you will need to pick up book three. Carter definitely knows how to leave a reader hanging and hungry for more. If you haven't read any of the "So Close to You" novels yet...stop reading and go pick them up right now. Don't wait just go!

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