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Book Review: An Appetite for Violets by Martine Bailey

"An Appetite for Violets" by Martine Bailey starts out slow but gets better as you read through the book. As the story develops it because extremely intense. Biddy Leigh has her future all planned but when the new arrival of mistress Lady Carinna comes to Mawton Hall, Biddy ends up on a trip to Europe with a bunch of people should wouldn't plan on hanging out.

The story starts out foreshadowing that something bad has happened. The story moves along to start from the beginning to get to where it started. This story has a bit of a mystery mixed with historical fiction. The recipes through out the book did make for an interesting addition to the story.

Getting to see Biddy's viewpoint on the trip and everything she sees and go through it quite an experience. I think this story is very well written and I thought it was a great read. Bailey did a wonderful job with the plot and with the characters. I really liked the characters in this story. I thought it was great to know each and everyone.

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