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Book Review: Deviate by Tracy Clark

"Deviate" by Tracy Clark is a wonderful follow up. "Deviate" is written in dual point of view. I loved that Clark was able to expand more on her mythology that she started in "Scintillate." There are wonderful characters in this story and new enemies show their faces.

Cora and her Scintilla friends are all running for their lives. Arrazi want to capture their auras. Cora believes that knowledge will be the answer to everything, so she wants to find out all she can. There are secrets that need to be uncover that everyone else thinks is lost. Cora is such a strong female character.

I love what Clark has created with Cora. The Scintilla family need to find a way to fight the Azzari. Trying to find the lost knowledge is the key. Cora has been through so much in this story. She looses her best friend. She is betrayed. The guy she loves tries to steal her soul. I say that Cora has had it rough.

I love the "Light Key" trilogy. I feel like Clark has created such a great series for her readers. It is interesting and fun. It is so easy to get hooked to the story. I am definitely looking forward to book three.

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