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Book Review: A Fireproof Home for the Bride by Amy Scheibe

Emmaline Nelson is 18 years old and is destined to marry her childhood friend, Ambrose. She is supposed to settle down and be a farmer's wife in a small town in Minnesota. Then she meets a young man from North Dakota and she questions everything she had previously planned.

This story is more than just to people who fall in love from different religions. This story is supposed to show that the happily ever after fairytale is not the end of the story. The end of the story is having a happy life with someone you love. This story is about a young woman that grows up to make her own life.

There are a lot of other issues that are brought up in this story. there is religious issues and politics, family secrets, and so much more. There seems to be a lot of themes in this novel. I have to say that was the one disappointing and confusing part. It seemed like the author couldn't decide exactly what theme she wanted to focus on.

This story is full of danger and mystery. The family members had to grow up too not just Emmaline. The story may focus all around Emmaline but ultimately I feel like this story is about people needing to grow up and accept each other. I really liked this story because I feel like it expressed some good themes. My only disappointment was that there were way too many themes in the story.

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