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Book Review: Grace Unplugged by Melody Carlson

“Grace Unplugged” by Melody Carlson is about a girl named Grace Trey. Grace’s dream is to become a famous singer. Grace grew up in a Christian home and her father is the worship tea m leader for their church. Grace grew up in an environment where she was expected to always be that good girl role model.

When an opportunity arrives for Grace to become a famous singer, she jumps on it even though her parents discourage her not to go. Grace then learns the tough choices that she has to face and learn. Then Grace begins to question her faith and tries to figure out what she truly believes in.

I think Carlson brings a character to the table that is easy to relate too. I am sure that at some point in everyone’s life, they question and decide what they truly want to believe in. Grace had many struggles that she had to accomplish and I felt like because of that she became a character that the reader could love and relate too.

I think Carlson did a great job with this novel. I think her writing is amazing. I think she brings a great novel to her readers. I think there are some amazing morals in this story and also a lot of lessons to be learned. I thought It was really good. I also watched the movie which I also thought was an excellent movie and went along pretty well with the book.

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