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Book Review: Prove Me Wrong by Tessa Marie

"Prove Me Wrong" by Tessa Marie is a very sweet  novel about a young single mom trying to juggle her new life as a mother and being a student in high school. When Hailey moves to a new town, she has to start all over at a new school. When hailey's mom advises her not to tell anyone that she has a child. Hailey follows her mom's advise and tells people that she has a little brother rather than a son. Hailey then starts to fall for Luke. Luke is a reformed bad boy. When Luke meets Hailey he changes who he is to try to be worthy of her.

I had a hard time trying to connect to the characters. I still feel like they are a little dull and not very entertaining. How to two people fall in love so quickly? These two were already in love before they even met. I liked the idea of the story but I just couldn't get into it at all. I feel like there wasn't enough story there.

Honestly I was really disappointed in the mom in this book. I can't believe that she was discouraging her daughter from being honest about her child. I think that was the part of the story that made me most disappointed. I understand that the mom wanted to protect her daughter but lying about her child isn't going to really help her in life. I don't think this story represents all good morals. I just don't think the writing was completely amazing, it was just so-so.


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