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Book Review: To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

"To All the Boys I've Loved Before" by Jenny Han is one of the sweetest most fun contemporaries that I have read. Lara Jean has written private letters to the boys that she had previously loved. She never intended the boys to read the letters, it was her way of getting over them. Then Lara Jean's sister breaks up with her boyfriend and Lara Jean finds out that she may still be in love with her sister's boyfriend.

When Lara Jean's letters end up getting mailed out to all the boys that she wrote them to, she ends up having to figure out how to deal with the results. To avoid Josh and screwing up her friendship with him, Lara Jean decides to fake a relationship with Peter. The last thing that Lara Jean thought would happen is she may even like Peter.

I really liked this book. It really didn't take me too long to read through the story. I think any girl could relate to Lara Jean. Lara Jean has had several crushes and she tries hard to forget each one of those boys. She writes these letters because she is wanting to say goodbye to each boy. This is her way of letting go of her crushes.

This story is also about Lara Jean and her relationship with her sisters. Lara Jean's oldest sister, Margot, just moved to Scotland for college. When Lara Jean's mother passed away the girls have had to rely on each other to grow up and be okay. Now that Margot is gone, Lara Jean and Kitty aren't sure what to do. Now Lara Jean is the oldest and she has to take care of Kitty.

I loved Lara Jean's character and how much she grew through out this story. Lara Jean is an amazing character. I think she learned a lot with her sister being gone and her private letters being mailed out to the boys that she once cared about. I think this is a great story showing how one is able to grow up. Now there is going to be a sequel. I am very excited to get to read the sequel. I can't wait! This is definitely a story worth reading.

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