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Book Review Tunnel Vision by Susan Adrian

I have to say that I was pretty surprised by "Tunnel Vision." Susan Adrian's "Tunnel Vision" was a fantastic story. This story knows how to sweep you off your feet into a whirlwind action story of mystery and romance.

Jake Lukin wants to get through senior year. Honestly, what high school doesn't? His goal is to get into Stanford and play tennis. He has high hopes to hopefully date Rachel. Jake is far from being a normal high school senior. He has the ability to touch an object and tunnel his way into the person's head that owned that object. By doing this he is able to get a sense of their location, thoughts, and actions.

When Jake screws up, a US government agency called DARPA finds about him. In the beginning Jake didn't find helping because he felt like he was helping stop the bad guys. Jake starts to realize that the good guys may also be bad guys too. Jake begins to uncover DARPA's secrets and it may cost him.

Jake is a really great character. He is down to earth and very sarcastic. He has learned that he is the protective one of his family. Since his father passed away, he is there to protect his mom and his sister. Jake is definitely a character that a reader can be proud of. Jake is a pretty responsible character and I really liked that.

I thought "Tunnel Vision" was a great novel. I thought it was a fantastic story and very interesting and imaginative. I think in this case that Jake was blessed with a cool gift and I think this story was a really good idea. I loved the idea from the very beginning. Adrian is a fantastic writer and I think she did a wonderful job on this novel.

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