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Book Review: What Stands in a Storm by Kim Cross

"What Stands in a Storm" by Kim Cross is a very emotional read. This book tells the story of several tornadoes that destroyed several southern states in 2011. The history and facts of these storms are only a small portion of this book. This book goes through on how people survived the storm. People have to band together and help each other in the time of need.

This story is divided up into three parts. The first part is "The Storm." The second part is "The Aftermath" and the third part is "The Recovery." In the first part we meet the important people that will end up playing the lead roles of the story. Cross did a really good job in writing this book.

I don't read a lot of non-fiction stories but I really enjoyed this one. It did have several sad parts. Dealing with a tornado sounds extremely scary. I have to say that I am lucky that I have never had to deal with one before. It is very interesting to read about how much damage tornadoes can do.

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