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Book Review: Your Beautiful Heart by Lauren Scruggs

Lauren Scruggs shares her story of "Your Beautiful Heart." Lauren doesn't draw attention to herself in this book. I originally thought this was going to be Lauren's story but instead I got a book that was all about encouragement and life. I loved it. Scruggs focus in this book is to point out how God is there for the reader. Each chapter of this book begins with a real life story that helps engage the reader to open their heart and follow along in the story.

This book is set up like a devotional. The reader can read each chapter at the time or read a section at a time. The book is set up to be encouraging and not take everything in all at once. Some of the best books are ones that set up to take in at pieces and not all at once. I think this book has really good morals and is meant to be an eye opener for girls on how Jesus is their for each person and he believes in our beautiful hearts.

People don't need acceptance from the world. It shouldn't matter what the world thinks about you. It should only matter what you think about you and what Jesus thinks about you. This story shows 31 different reflections on love, faith, and friendship. This book is all about becoming a girl that shines. I think it was fantastic.

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