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Book Review: Your Family in Pictures by Me Ra Koh

"Your Family in Pictures" by Me Ra Koh is the Parent's guide to taking pictures of their family. I thought this book is great for any parent or person that is wanting to learn how to take better family pictures to capture those moments. I think it is great learning different techniques to take pictures.

Reading over this book, I was able to learn some new techniques and ways to think about how to make photography work for your family. It takes time to figure out how to document those special moments in your family. This book brings simple items to help create those special documented moments. It shows how to use lighting and the rooms that you live in to create amazing photos.

Me Ra Koh doesn't focus on spending a ton of money on equipment instead this book talks about how to use what you have to create fantastic photos. There are a couple of things in this book that I don't completely agree with. I like the fact that the author tries really hard to convince the reader that you can take nice pictures with whatever you have including your cell phone but then the pictures that are in the book were taken with professional cameras.

I think it would have been a whole lot better if the book feature pictures that were taken with the equipment that is talked about being used like simple cameras and cell phones. That would show more realistic pictures. All in all I really like this photography book. I think it has some great tips for people wanting to learn photography.

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