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Mini Review: Poisoned Apples Poems for You, My Pretty by Christine Heppermann

"Poisoned Apples" by Christine Hepperman was a very interesting set of poems. I love how the poems are supposed to be centered around girl power. I think that is great. It is very interesting how each poem is a fairytale retelling. I am a little disappointed with the content. This is supposed to be a young adult poetry book and I feel like a lot of things were focused around sex. I don't feel like every teenage girl focuses on sex.

The photography in this book is absolutely gorgeous. I loved getting to see the pictures go along with each story. I loved the creativity with the photos and the poems. I do think that the photos were a whole lot better than the poems. Some of the photos and some of the poems are a little eerie. There were a few poems that I did enjoy a lot. All in all the poetry wasn't terrible, I just wouldn't give this to my teenager.

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