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Trying to Pick a Venue

Wedding Stress. I've decided that I want to share my journey of wedding planning with others. Now I know many people have either already been married and they know the pressure and stress that I am going through and the other half of you are still in high school not even thinking about getting married. Well pressure number one is trying to find a venue. Trying to find a venue on a very strict budget is hard.

Then when no one seems to agree where to hold the wedding that causes another issue. I am completely done for something simple and sweet. I don't want fantasy ballroom. I would prefer to have my wedding out in the sunshine but if that is not possible I can definitely make compromises. Why do wedding venues cost so much? People do realize that the average person is getting married right? Not everyone has a huge trust fund or something to pay for a wedding. Honestly I don't want to start out my new married life in a ton of debt from a wedding.

The number one question is how big does this wedding need to be. I didn't realize how many people want to be at my wedding. It is like goodness gracious! Then on top of that when I find a place I like and I think everything is set, and then I am informed that my fiance doesn't want to do it that way. So it makes things very interesting. Now I am back to square one. Being back to square one may be that I get to do something smaller and more intimate. I really am curious to see how things may turn out. As long as I have a wedding that I can enjoy, I am not going to worry about it too much.

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