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Book Review: Awakening by Shannon Duffy

Desiree is a fantastic character. She originally just accepts life as she was raised. Desiree doesn't break the rules. Desiree has a good heart and she believes that the government is really there that to keep the citizens best interest at heart. When Desiree reunites with her childhood friend Darian Sterling everything changes.

Darian is a law breaking bad boy. He is considered to be a murdered in their little town. Charged with the murder of his own parents. Now Darian is on the run and Desiree wants to help him because she knows that people have it wrong about him.

The day you were born is what will determine everything about your life. The way that life works is if you are a one then you are given 25 years to live. If you are a six you get 50 years to live. Desiree's parents were both fours so they were given forty years to live. People who get married are paired with people that will live the same length as them.

I think this book is a great dystopian novel and I loved Duffy's plot and characters. I think Duffy did a great job writing this novel and I really enjoyed. I think the plot was really well done. The characters were fantastic. Desiree and Darian were amazing characters and I loved getting to know them.

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