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Book Review: The Creole Princess by Beth White

Lyse Lanier is the daughter of a mulatto slave and a drunkard fisherman and all she dreams about is her Cinderella future. She just wants a prince to come save her from her terrible living situation. Lyse is a mixed blood girl, her father is French and her mother is a mix of African and English. Since Lyse's father made some very bad choices they are poor. Thankfully to her grandfather she is well educated and well read for a girl at her stature. When Lyse's prince actually does appear his name is Rafael Maria Gonzales de Ripparda. What a name right? He is not at all whom he claims to be.

I think the biggest thing about this book is that the characters and their stories aren't as deep as they should have been. The secondary characters became the focus of most of this story instead of the primary characters. I think Lyse is a great character and I think she really grew up in the stories journey. Lyse is caught between many different social worlds based off of her blood. I feel as if she was really able to find out who she really was.


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