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Book Review: French Coast by Anita Hughes

"French Coast" by Anita Hughes was a very fun read. This is definitely a book I would choose to read poolside. The people are amazing and the clothes in this book are gorgeous. I love it! Serena had such an amazing wardrobe. I am already a fan of clothes so a person that brings so many outfits to a story is amazing already.

Serena Woods is highly satisfied in her career as the features editor for Vogue. Serena looks at her life as being perfect. Her boyfriend just proposed. Her parents are still together and in love. Serena just received her dream assignment for the magazine. When a secret about her parents is revealed, Serena's life is turned upside down.

Even though life is now becoming less than ideal, Serena is not going to let this dream assignment of interviewing Yvette Renault slip through her fingers. Renault was the former editor of French Vogue and Serena has been dying to meet her.

I thought this novel was so much fun. I loved it. The story was so very entertaining and it was easy for me as the reader to be so engaged into the story. The characters were very well written and I felt like I really got to know them. Again the fashion in the novel is to die for! That alone should be a wonderful reason to read this book.


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