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Book Review: Just for Appearances by Jenna Rutland

This story is about second chances for John and Rachel. John and Rachel dated in high school, but it ended so abruptly. Rachel called things off as soon as they got physical with each other. Now it is ten years later and they both have failed marriages. When John returns back home, he learns from his mother that Rachel needs a nanny for her boys. John decides to take the job. He seems to be the perfect man. He cleans, cooks, and keeps the boys active. Now John and Rachel just have to figure out if there is still feelings there for each other?

I thought "Just for Appearances" by Jenna Rutland was really cute. This wasn't my favorite Bliss novel but I thought that Rutland did a decent job with the plot. She was able to make the story and the characters interesting. I did feel like the story was a little too short and I didn't get to have as much as I would have liked. I did like the fact that John's mom kept playing matchmaker with the couple and then both John and Rachel had great interactions with each other.

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