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Book Review: Life Unaware by Cole Gibsen

I think "Life Unaware" by Cole Gibsen ultimately has a good message about the effects of bullying and social media. It could have been a really good novel but I feel as if it just did not reach its potential at all. There was a lot of unnecessary swearing. Actually that is more of an understatement, there is  an extreme amount of unnecessary swearing. People seem to think that teenagers swear up a storm but really they don't so I feel like this just portrays teenagers in a negative light. I think this book could have been so much better without all of the cuss words especially the f word. Teenagers may cuss but there is a difference between teenagers cussing and the fact of throwing the f word around like it is the most popular thing in the world.

I would love to give this book to teenagers to read because it can show how having a positive influence in your life can help change who you are or even grow to be a better person but instead I don't feel like I can truly recommend this book to anyone because there is so much cussing in it. I truly feel it is inappropriate for teenagers. Bullies choose to be bullies for a reason it could be because they are insecure, they don't feel loved, there is trouble at home, for whatever reason those bullies need someone in their life too. I wish that is what this story focused on more. I also wish it focused more on the fact that the main character was going to grow by the end of the story because I really don't feel that she grew up that much.

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