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Book Review: The Memory Key by Liana Liu

I was so excited when I heard about "The Memory Key" by Liana Liu. Much to my dismay I really didn't like this book. I had such a hard time getting into the story. I loved the idea of what "The Memory Key" was going to be about but I feel like it just fell so short of what I thought. The plot and the story line didn't seem to be fully developed. I really thought the story would focus more on the memory part of the story and unfortunately I think the book focused more on the realtionship between Lora's and her best friend more than anything else.

Along these same lines, I feel like the characters were really hard to get to know. The characters were shallow and uninteresting. There were times that I found the characters to be completely annoying. I really wanted to keep reading hoping that the story will better but to be honest I have a 150 page rule that if the first 150 pages don't catch my attention then it is time to give up. This was added to my Did Not Finish pile. Such a sad day.

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  1. I wholly agree with you. This book just fell short... and I really disliked it. The story about the memory chips was so promising and I'm sad that it focused more in teenange drama instead :(