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Book Review: Owlet by Emma Michaels

“Owlet” by Emma Michaels is definitely an interesting story. Iris is a 17 year old girl that has severe asthma. She has a dream about an island with white feathers that she is able to escape too. When she learns that this island actually exists, she is sent there were she learns more about her past and why she doesn’t remember her mother at all. Iris begins to learns so much information about herself to the fact that she feels betrayed by her father because he never told her.

The writing in this story is the disappointing part. The concept and plot were great but this novel is just poorly written. It felt rushed and way underdeveloped. The characters were hard to connect too and get to know. The story could have been a lot better with just developing the characters better. I feel like the story needs to be more developed and maybe slow down a bit.

The story could have been much better if it was just taken a back a pace or two. I feel like there was probably a lot of information that was being missed because the story was rushed. I think so much information was crammed into the short 122 Pages and it could have been done a little better to not feel so crammed and rushed.

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