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Book Review: Pretty Crooked by Elisa Ludwig

Let me start by saying this book rocks, its just so fun. Willa is definitely a modern day robin-hood, in her attempt to even the playing field between the poor and the rich. Willa and her mom have moved around a lot and lived a middle class but happy life style. When Willa and her mom move to Arizona, buy a fancy house, and Willa gets enrolled in Valley Prep private school for the first time there lives take a drastic turn. Willa starts to get a taste of the sweet life when the Glitterati a.k.a the popular crowed take her under their wings. Willa starts to spend hundreds here and there one the Glitterati daily shopping trips after school, and what may seem as a fortune to Willa was like pocket change to the Glitterati. When new scholarship kids start attending the school the Glitterati bully them and treat them like dirt. Willa feels awful about how the Glitterati is treating them, so she comes up with a plan to even the social scale, that's not so legal. One thing that I love about the book is even though Willa's intentions were good the author emphasized on that her actions were wrong and the guilt that came every time she did something wrong. Willa started living a double life pretending to be the Glitterati's friend, lying to her mom, and everyone else. Willa starts to realize that she and her mom have been so distend and that her mom is acting weird so she starts to investigate finding out her mom has secrets of her own. of course there is also a love interest the preppy poster trust-fund bad-boy of Valley Prep Aiden Murphy, at first Willa believed his bad-boy rep and wanted nothing to do with the arrogant trouble maker, but the more she gets to know him maybe he isn't what his reputation perceives.  For anyone out there who is a Ally Carter fan like me you will probably love this book. One thing I do have to say is a pet-peeve for me is cussing and this book did not have a lot but there was a little, and I just think she could have still achieved the  image she wanted for the characters with leaving it out but that is just my opinion, otherwise I really like it and hope you will give it a try.



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