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Book Review: Rescued by the Rancher by Victoria James

Meredith has lived on a ranch with her sister for the past year. She wants nothing more than to put the past behind her and move on with her life. It has been about a years since Gage found her outside Tall Pines Ranch. That night Gage had carried her unconscious body into the house and all Meredith can think about is putting everything behind her. Gage is having a hard time staying away from Meredith. Ever since that night he has developed feelings for her.

I love the fact that Meredith takes charge of her own life. She doesn't let someone make the decisions for her. Instead she decides how she wants her life to change and she takes charge of it. This story is funny and romantic and I think it definitely makes a great spring read. There characters are wonderful and the story is very heartfelt.

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