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Book Review: The Thunder of Giants by Joel Fishbane

"The Thunder of Giants" by Joel Fishbane is a historical ficiton story about two women that are considered to be giants since they are almost 8 feet tall. These two women are immigrants from Canada. Both of these women have a hard time trying to find normality in their lives. All people do is single them out and make sure that they know that they are different.

Neither one of these woman wanted to live in the limelight an be stars but they were both approached to star in a movie. The journey that these two women go through will cause some raw emotions. It was hard to see what they had to go trhough and how they became who they are. Anna Swan was based off of the real Anna Swan. Some facts were changed to make up the ficiton story. Andorra Kelsey was completely made up by Fishbane. The characters were pretty good. I do wish that they were written a little better because they didn't seem to be as raw and fleshed out as I would ahve liked.

As the story goes on, the reader gets to know Anna as being a strong woman that wasn't going to let anyone hold her back. She was going to do what she wanted and be who she wanted to be. Even if she was considered a giant. Andorra ont he other hand always seemed to let something hold ehr back from doing what she really wanted to do. I think for a debut novel that this one isn't bad. There are a few writing quirks that I would like to see improve but all in all I think the story was great. The reason for the three stars is because there were a decent amount of improvements needed to the writing, the characters and the plot.

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