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Mini Review: A November Bride by Beth Vogt

Sadie McAllister loves her job as a personal chef.  She has the hardest time trying to find any romance for her life. Sadie likes her best friend Erik but he is the kind of guy that will date other girls for about three months and then calls it quits on the relationship. She doesn’t want to be another girl marked off a list.

Erik has to learn to grow up. He loves his once a week meals with his best friend Sadie. When it becomes a possibility that Sadie may be moving away with her family, Erik realizes that Sadie means more to him then he would care to admit. Erik needs to learn that if he wants to keep Sadie then he will need to make a commitment to her.

Vogt did a great job with this novel. I thought she wrote wonderful characters that the reader was able to relate to and like. I think the novella was beautifully written. I enjoyed getting to know Sadie and Erik. I hope other readers do too.

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