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Uppercase Box Subscription #1

This is my first YouTube video and I wanted to share it all with you. I hope you enjoy. Maybe this will start becoming a thing. I would love to hear feedback on if you like the videos or advice on what I can do better. If this ends up working out I will get more videos up on the blog and on YouTube.


This month's Uppercase Box I give a four. I don't know anything about the book but I do love the fact that it is signed. The book definitely seems to be interesting, so I am looking forward to reading and reviewing it. The bookish gifts. The magnets are cute so they are something I can put on my fridge. I really like the picture with quote from the book on it. I think this will stand up on one of my bookshelves. The pin is definitely something I can add to my growing collection. I hope you enjoyed this month's uppercase box and stay tuned for next month.

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