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What's Cooking? Wednesday: Dare to Bake! Review

This book is really fun. It is filled will really cool and interesting recipes that are easy to follow.  It's is not your traditional cupcake cookbook many of the recipes require advanced planning. I like how this book is special it uses ingredients you would not necessarily think of to make elegant gourmet cupcakes. I am looking forward to making the Hibiscus Flower cupcakes so here is a little teaser found on page 16:

"Hibiscus flowers grow everywhere in my home country, the Dominican Republic, but they are not normally used in cooking. It wasn't until I started venturing into Mexican cuisine that I discovered the fascinating ingredient.  You can find dried hibiscus flowers in the Mexican food section of your grocery store.

The hibiscus flower, when soaked in water, produces a red colored juice, and when that's used in cupcakes it creates a beautiful deep purple batter. It's flavor can be described as sour and citrusy.

I pair this cupcake with a tart passion fruit filling to add an extra punch of tropical flair."

I hope you enjoyed no go grab your copy and get cooking.


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