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Book Review: Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen

"Alias Hook" by Lisa Jensen is a gorgeous and imaginative retelling of "Peter Pan". I think this was a really good retelling for "Peter Pan". Captain Hook has been trapped in Neverland for centuries and it seemed to be a paradise for him at first but with all the continued fights with Peter Pan, he can't ever seem to win or lose. Captain Hook is unable to die. He watches his crew die and can't ever seem to join them in that final death.

Peter Pan loves having the pirate ship trapped in  because it gives him and the lost boys someone to continually fight. This game of Peter Pan's continues on for over 200 years. Then one day a stranger appears. This stranger is female and Hook rescues her. Stella Parrish has broken Peter Pan's number one rule which is that no adults are allowed. Hook hides Stella until he can figure out what to do.

It is very interesting to read this story through Captain Hook's eyes. This creates a whole new fascination to the story. Basically Captain Hook was a child in an adult's body. He never really grew up which is why it seems like he was able to stay in Neverland. Jensen does a great job writing this story. I think it is a very creative and unique view of the classic story tale. I think Jensen writes beautifully. The biggest issue that I have is that a lot of parts seemed to drag on for me. I found myself getting a little bored with the story at times. This story is definitely worth reading.


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