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Book Review: Center Ice by Cate Cameron

Karen and Tyler have such a cute story. It has its up and downs but ultimately I think it is a pretty cute story. Karen and Tyler are seniors in a small town. In Corrigan Falls everything is about hockey. Tyler plays for the hockey team and seems to have a bad reputation for hanging out with puck bunnies. He doesn't want this bad reputation to ruin his friendship with Karen. Karen has been through a roller coaster of emotions. She has moved in with her dad for the first time. His kids seem to not like her presence there. Tyler and Karen are both pressured to not hang out with each other.

I like this story because I feel like Tyler and Karen fought for their friendship. they didn't give it up. I think that is great. It could have been easier for them. It was nice to see these two characters staying true to themselves. I definitely thought this was a cute start to a new series.

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