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Book Review: Chasing the Runaway Bride by Susan Meier

Cade and Piper have grown up quite wary of the other because of a long family feud. When Cade's grandfather passes away and leaves the town grocery store to both Piper and Cade, they decide to make a truce to keep the store going. "Chasing the Runaway Bride" by Susan Meier is such a cute story and so much fun. I thought it was really easy to get into the story.

This is definitely a fast read with great characters. Cade is strong and determined whereas Piper is definitely fun and very friendly however most consider her to be flighty because she has left to men at the altar. I think it was nice getting to know these characters and watch how they worked out their issues and ended up loving and respecting each other. I think this is definitely a fun easy enjoyable read.

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