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Book Review: The Handler by D. R. Graham

Cain Allen is offered a huge sum of money to "handle" superstar Lincoln Todd on her European Tour. When he takes the job, he really didn't know what he was in for. Cain isn't afraid to be honest to Lincoln Todd and tell her what he really thinks and what his opinion is, because of this Lincoln fires Cain. Then Lincoln reconsiders and decides to hire him again since he was honest with her. Since Cain was trying to keep a low profile because of the trial going on with his father being murdered and a fire being sent off in their home. Now that his face is plastered l over social media both he and Lincoln are in danger.

I think "The Handler" by D. R. Graham was an interesting story. This isn't one that I would normally read but I think it was definitely a fast read. There is plenty of tragedy, life threats, love, and fame. Everything that you want to see in a celebrity romance. I personally had a hard time getting to know the characters though. I didn't feel like the were as fleshed out as they should have been.

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