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Book Review: The Heir by Kiera Cass

"The Heir" by Kiera Cass was definitely a surprise to most. The Selection was supposed to end with "The One" but Cass surprised us all with more. "The Heir" is all about getting to know Princess Eadlyn. King Maxon and Queen America want nothing more than their daughter to discover the happiness that they have together but their daughter Princess Eadlyn seems to want nothing more than to be independent. When the country is in an uproar because of the castes being eliminated, Maxon and America decide that having a selection for Eadlyn could be the answer to distracting the rest of the kingdom.

King Maxon has thirty-five eligible male candidates for Princess Eadlyn. Eadlyn has agreed only to give her parents 3 months. She has no intention of falling in love within those three months. She ultimately wants to be left alone. Eadlyn doesn't seem to want to be queen. She wishes that she could just pass the role onto one of her brothers. Since she is the oldest and the law has been changed so that she may rule, then it is bound to be her destiny.

Eadlyn is determined to prove that she is nothing but a selfish spoiled princess or at least that is the impression that she gives. She really doesn't seem to give anyone else benefit of the doubt. She does her work and duty but at the same time she just seems to complain about it too. Many would want the option to rule the country, yet it is given to her by birthright. I started to really enjoy the book until the first elimination then I thought Eadlyn was acting like a spoiled brat even though I got her point at the same time. It just seems odd that this is the child that was created by Maxon and America.

I do have to say that their were a lot of really slow parts for me. I thought the story was dragging at times. I felt that I was losing focus on the book because I was no longer interested in the main character. I grew to really like both Erik and Kile. Part of me hopes that Eadlyn will fall in love with Erik because I think it would make for an interesting story that she falls in love with the translator instead of one of the men that is actually a part of the selection.

I definitely liked "The Heir." I just didn't feel like it was as good as Cass' other three books. I have to say that it doesn't change the fact that I still love this story. I think "The Heir" definitely gives the reader a whole new perspective on royalty life and what has changed in the last 20 years. I am going to be very anxious while I wait for the next book because I am still dying to know what happens next.

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