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Book Review: Hugo and Rose by Bridge Foley

"Hugo and Rose" by Bridge Foley is an interesting tale of Hugo and Rose. This is the story of two people who have the same dream every night since childhood. These two dream of a tropical island and their adventure on how to get to Castle City. In this dream state Hugo and Rose started out as children and grew up as they grew up in real life, however, when Hugo and Rose reached the prime of their life, they stopped growing in their dream state. When Rose and Hugo meet in real life, they try  to get to know each other as real people and Rose decides to  make choices that could jeopardize her family and her entire life.

This story definitely brought an interesting theory to the table however it wasn't completely explained. There was no explanation of why Hugo and Rose have been having the same dream for forever. None of this was really explained to the reader how two people can have the same dream and that they can also be who exist in real life. It was definitely nothing like what I expected. The characters were hard to fall in love with. Rose seemed to be sad, creepy, and a little self-centered. She is ready to destroy her entire life. I think it is hard to fall in love with a book when you can't fall in love with its characters.

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