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Book Review: Resisting Her Rival by Sonya Weiss

"Resisting Her Rival" by Sonya Weiss is a very fun and engaging story. The reader is able to lose themselves in these characters. Weiss wrote some amazing characters for this story. Some of the best that I have ever read. Nick is flirty and fun. He has his own version of cockiness. Noah was so cute with how he was playing matchmaker. Abby, Ann, and Amelia were all amazing. they were definitely women that one is able to relate too and find that they really like.

I loved Nick and Abby's story. The way she was trying so hard to resist him and he was trying so hard to make her fall in love with him. I thought this story brought so much fun and joy. It is very well written. This story makes a great beach or lazy day read. I hope others will enjoy as much as I did.


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