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Book Review: The Secrets We Keep by Trisha Leaver

Maddy and Ella are twins and they are nothing alike. The may be able to switch places because they look so much alike but their personalities are completely different. Maddy is popular and loves the center of attention and Ella is very quiet and sticks to herself. When Maddy calls Ella for help one night, Ella rushed to go save her but then the unthinkable happens.

I actually thought this story was pretty decent. It was able to keep my attention however the story seemed pretty shallow. Like you really didn't have to think about much of what is going on. The reader is instantly enthralled into the story and it definitely takes you on a whirl wind. This story is many twists and turns but I feel that the main focus in the story was the twins and their bonds with one another.

I think the characters were great. I really enjoyed getting to know both Maddy and Ella. I do wish there was more depth to the story. That goes back to the story and its shallow feeling of everything. I think this could probably be a novel that you read fast and don't have to pay too close attention to what is going on.

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