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Book Review: The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher

daz"The Shell Seekers" by Rosamunde Pilcher had a great plot but it was really hard to like the two main characters. Pilcher writes specifically to try to get her readers to like certain characters and dislike others. I being as opinionated as I am ended up doing the opposite. I liked the characters that we as readers are supposed to hate and disliked the characters we are supposed to love.

Olivia is considered to be a special child however I feel like she asks really bratty to everyone else. She breaks up with a guy she is dating because she finds out that he is renting a home rather than owning it. Penelope just seems to dote on her daughter more than her other children. I just seemed like the characters are so flawed. nancy and Noel are supposed to be the characters that are disliked because they are major socialites but they seemed to be the characters that respected people the most. It seemed just because they like a fancy lifestyle is what made them bad and I disagree.

I really think this story could have been much better. The characters were the hard part for me. I feel like they weren't as great as they could have been. the plot and the writing was good. The one thing I wish I could see differently is that the author lets the reader choose who they like instead of trying to persuade the reader to like specific characters.


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