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Book Review: Vanished by E. E. Cooper

"Vanished" by E. E. Cooper was definitely different. I feel like it really was trying to be a young adult version of "Gone Girl." I have to say I was most intrigued by the mystery of the story but I feel like parts of that mystery fell through. In a way the story has been down before like with "Gone Girl," this is just supposed to be a more appropriate version.

Vanished was really slow. A book that should have taken me a day maybe two depending on what I was up too, ended up taking two weeks to read because it was just dragging and dragging. Then I've waited to do a review because honestly I haven't been sure on what to say. The writing wasn't very impressive, so that didn't help at all. Kalah seemed to be such a whiney character. she wasnt' very interesting and she just seemed to complain about life and have so much angst. Kalah doesn't seem to know what she truly wants in life.

I can't say that I won't pick up the sequel, but it will really depend on how it is sold to the reader. If it has an intriguing synopsis, then I may be interested but if not then I probably won't even bother. I wanted mystery and I feel like all I got was drama.

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